Aisu Kyūbu
Aisu ep10
久武 藍珠
Kyūbu Aisu
Name Sake Ice Cube
Age 26
Gender Female
Manga Chapter 3: Awful Service by the Mascots ①
Anime Episode 1: "Not Enough Visitors!"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Yūko Kaida
English Katelyn Barr

Aisu Kyūbu (久武 藍珠 Kyūbu Aisu) is Seiya's aunty and guardian.


She slightly resembles her nephew, Seiya, in the sense that she has golden and rown hued eyes. Aisu's hair is dark brown, and at least shoulder length, and has so far been seen tied up into a messy pony tail.


The first thing that the audience can deduct is that Aisu is not a morning person. However she is a friendly person who can quickly become familiar with people, which is seen in Episode 1 when she refers to Isuzu as "Isuzu-chan" despite her only have known her for a night.

She tries to keep her true feelings from him, probably to spare his feelings, and becomes visibly distressed when it seems that Seiya heard her thoughts. Whilst she is in this distressed form, she panics and lists a few reasons for her apparent outburst, including: "Looks like I'm not completely sober yet" which suggests that she is fond of drinking and/or partying, even in the morning. Even if she may be a party animal, Aisu is a responsible guardian and remind Seiya to go to school even as she is panicking.




Seiya Kanie Edit

As Seiya's aunty and guardian, she deeply cares for him, however it's suggested that she finds him to be conceited. It's revealed in a soliloquy of hers that he used to consider himself an "enemy of women" which was a cause of concern for her.

Saki Kyūbu Edit


Isuzu Sento Edit

She is immediately on friendly terms with Isuzu and calls her "Isuzu-chan".




  • Her name is a reference to the rapper Ice Cube
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