"Not a Good PV!"
Amagi Brilliant Park Episode 13
PV ga Tsumaranai!
Scenario Fumihiko Shimo
Storyboard Ai Yukimura
Episode director Ai Yukimura
Animation director Chiyoko Ueno
Japanese air date

December 25, 2014

Opening "Extra Magic Hour"
Ending "Let's Meet at the Elementario!"
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No One Knows the Future! No Time to Take It Easy!

Not a Good PV! (PVがつまらない! PV ga Tsumaranai!) is the thirteenth episode of the Amagi Brilliant Park anime series. It was written by Fumihiko Shimo, and was storyboarded and directed by Ai Yukimura, with animation direction by Chiyoko Ueno.


Triken takes suggestions from the staff to make a promotional video for the park with dubious results.


In order of appearance:


Major EventsEdit



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