"Not Enough Love!"
Amagi Brilliant Park - 08
Koigokoro ga Todokanai!
Scenario Fumihiko Shimo
Storyboard Haruka Fujita
Episode director Haruka Fujita
Animation director Seiichi Akitake, Hiroyuki Takahashi
Japanese air date

November 20, 2014

Opening "Extra Magic Hour"
Ending "Let's Meet at the Elementario!"
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Not Enough Pool Safety! Not Enough Teamwork!

Not enough love! (恋心が届かない! Koigokoro ga Todokanai!)  is the eight episode of the Amagi Brilliant Park anime series.. It was written by series composer Fumihiko Shimo, and was storyboarded and directed by Haruka Fujita, with animation direction by Seiichi Akitake and Hiroyuki Takahashi.


Seiya gets a summer cold but he can't afford to skip school due to his earlier absences. Sento, Macaron, Tiramie and Moffle wear a realistic suit of his body one person per day and attend school in his stead. On the first day, Isuzu finds a love letter in Kanie's shoe locker but the sender, Tsuchida Kanae, had only mixed up his locker with someone else. As Sento tells her inspiring words, Kanae ends up developing feelings for Kanie instead.

The next two days end up with disgusting incidents due to the mascots' behavior, while the third day ends peacefully due to Shiina Chūjō telling Kanie of the events. This results in Kanie wearing a suit of a boy to whom Kanae had tried to send the letter originally, Kimura, and lying that all the disgusting acts from 'Kanie' the days before were meant to drive Kanae back to Kimura by making her hate Kanie and the plan works.


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