After Latifa's proposal to Seiya of becoming manager of "Amagi Brilliant Park" who was shocked and confused of what she said. Latifa says she would be most grateful if Seiya accept her proposal. Then it ended with silence before they continued discussing about the detail on the table she welcomed Seiya to take a seat.

It turned out it was Latifa who made the croquettes at Maple Kitchen everyday.

Latifa explained about Maple Land to Seiya.

She brutally out saying she will bestow Seiya with magic as meaning a kiss so Latifa kissed Seiya with Isuzu watching them.

When they finish kissing, Seiya suddenly felt something that is coming that he can't explain but does know it's powerful.

He saw image based on her first feelings and last feelings.

The first feelings he felt was loveliness, unbearable, oppressiveness fading longing.

The last feelings he described is beautiful feelings that is important.

In the image, it showed a young boy in middle of the field full of flowers with his hand up, saying "follow me, I'll definitely save you." then he blacked off.

It changed scene to Moffle who was cleaning up the floor and the guns before he left the room.

On his way out, he talked to the guy on the reception about today's guest (talking about Seiya) that he was .

He visited his niece, Latifa before going home. They hugged and start talking about her meeting with Seiya that he couldn't keep his eyes open so she asked Isuzu to carry him home.

His first impression on Seiya when he read his profile was Seiya possess two self-contradictory nature (rational commander, a colder hearted tactician and passionate artist, an entertainer aware of what the masses want),as facets coexist which is difficult and appear that he harbors his fair share of trouble. However he just think only one able to accomplish those tasks is Seiya (contradictory person).

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