"No Time to Take It Easy!"
Nonbirishiteiru Hima ga Nai!
Storyboard Yasuhiro Takemoto
Episode director Noriyuki Kitanohara
Animation director Rie Sezaki
Japanese air date

December 25, 2014

Opening "Extra Magic Hour"
Ending "Let's Meet at the Elementario!"
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Not a Good PV! N/A →

Amagi Brilliant Park OVA - (also Episode 14), is a special unaired episode that included in the seventh Blu-ray Disc and DVD release of Kyoto Animation's Amagi Brilliant Park anime. The television series' seventh Blu-ray Disc and DVD were released in Japan on June 26, 2015. 


It's Seiya's birthday and Isuzu plans to give him a birthday gift. However, a series of events that unfolds keeps thwarting her plans.

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