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About Amagi Brilliant Park

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Amagi Brilliant Park (甘城ブリリアントパーク Amagi Buririanto Pāku?), is a Japanese light novel series written by Shoji Gatoh and illustrated by Yuka Nakajima. Fujimi Shobo has published eight volumes since February 20, 2013, under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint. There are three manga adaptations published by Fujimi Shobo and Kadokawa. A 13-episode anime television series adaptation by Kyoto Animation aired in Japan between October 6 and December 25, 2014. Seiya Kanie is a good looking, perfectionist boy who is forced by the mysterious Isuzu Sento to visit an amusement park named Amagi Brilliant Park, which is in serious financial trouble and about to be closed forever. The park is actually staffed by refugees from a magical realm called Maple Land and the park is a facility for harvesting magical energy from visitors while they're having fun. As such, the park is the only way the refugees can maintain their existence in the human realm. To save the park from closing, Seiya is hired by the owner, Latifah Fleuranza, the princess of Maple Land (whom Seiya met before when he was a young boy), to become its new manager and use his skills in entertainment to save it. However, they have only three months to attract 250,000 visitors, a feat that seems impossible given the park's current situation.


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