Eiko Adachi
安達 映子
Adachi Eiko
Classification Human
Gender Female
Affiliation Amagi Brilliant Park
Light Novel Volume 2
Anime Episode 6: "Not Enough People!"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Hiromi Igarashi
English Shenae'a Moore

Eiko Adachi is a woman who used to work in A.V. and is hired by Amagi Brilliant Park in order to compensate for the lack of staff members.


She has long, straight black hair which is accessorized with a pink headband and she has gold-orange eyes.  


She is very well mannered and has a polite personality. She has a soft spoken voice and a friendly smile. She is a good worker who loves to make people happy. Because of this, she quits her jobs as an AV voice actress so that she can be a cast member for Amagi Brilliant Park.


Not much is known about her past, except that she used to work as an Animal Video actress, shortened to AV. Seiya and Moffle thought that she meant AV as in Adult Video until seeing what she really meant.






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