Volume 1 is the first novel of the Amagi Brilliant Park series.


"Full Metal Panic!"s Shoji Gatoh's newest work finally appears!!!!!

Mysterious transfer student―Isuzu Sento invited Seiya Kanie to a date in an amusement park. He doesn't know anything of it yet he accompanied her, and a "real" princess-so called Latifa, draw him as the manager of the amusement park――!?[1]


  • Chapter 1 - The Definition of a Bad Dating Spot
  • Chapter 2 - The Mascots' Customer Service Sucks!
  • Chapter 3 - The Building That Had Been Abandoned For Decades
  • Chapter 4 - A Video on Customer Violence Was Uploaded!
  • Chapter 5 - Epilogue


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Major Events

  • Seiya encounters Isuzu who forces him to Amagi Brilliant Park.
  • He meets Latifa and is appointed to become the manager of Amagi Brilliant Park.


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