This is a list for the Blu-ray and DVD releases of the anime series Amagi Brilliant Park, released by KADOKAWA / Kadokawa Shoten.

Volume 1Edit

KAXA-7201 Sleeve
KAXA-7201 Digipak


Package detailsEdit

  • Brand-new video "Exciting Mini Theater"
  • Newly-drawn package illustrations:
    • Three-Sided Sleeve Case: Kanie and Isuzu
    • Digipak: Situation
  • Staff Commentaries (Episode 1, 2)
    • by director Takemoto Yasuhiro and original author Shoji Gatoh
  • Character Commentary (Episode 1)
    • by Moffle, Macaron, Tiramy
  • Cast Commentary (Episode 2)
    • by Ayako Kawasumi, Kyoko Shiraishi, Ai Nonaka
  • Amaburi Revival Sugoroku
  • Amaburi Special Guide
  • Amaburi Special Seal
  • Japanese subtitles
  • Other bonus videos


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