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Classification Mascot
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliation Amagi Brilliant Park
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1: Pronouncement of the Disappointing Date Spot 1
Anime Episode 1: "Not Enough Visitors!"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Ayako Kawasumi
English Tiffany Grant

Moffle (モッフル Moffuru?) is the most popular and charismatic mascot of the park. He is a fairy of candies and Amagi Brilliant Park's main mascot. He takes a reciprocated disliking towards Seiya.


Moffle is the most popular mascot that has the form of a mouse with a green hat and a red ribbon. He has big light brown eyes.


Moffle is hot-headed, pugnacious, and hates being called a rip-off more than anything. He usually adds fumo to the end of his sentences.


Moffle is the main mascot of Amagi Brilliant Park. This implies that Moffle is the leader of all mascots. He is the fairy of sweets that lives in “Moffle's Sweet House”. He is a popular mascot character for Amagi Brilliant Park and is well liked by other cast members.

He is called uncle by Latifa.


Episode 1: He appears halfway through episode one.


Seiya KanieEdit

The mutual dislike between them begun in episode 1, their first encounter with each other. Moffle first gave Seiya an unpleasant look which led to Seiya giving him the same look in return. From then on, they grew a mutual dislike to each other. Though, they seem to get along when it comes to a serious business regarding the park's crisis.

Latifa FleuranzaEdit

Latifa is the daughter of Moffle's older sister. Moffle cares for Latifa a lot and it seems like he has a strong bond with her mother. Moffle protects Latifa, no matter what.

Isuzu Sento Edit

Isuzu seems to respect Moffle, and she calls him 'Lord Moffle' or 'General', and Moffle trusts and respects Isuzu too. However, she will shoot him with her gun should his temper gets out of hand. Isuzu knows that Moffle has a sister complex


Moffle's relationship issues and rumored sister complex Edit

His friends (Tiramie and Macaron) pokes at him as having a sister complex, something that pisses him off way more than what a normal person would be pissed off. When Moffle talks on about true love to the high school girls, and how the person he loves the most married someone he hated the most, and 10 years later, asked him to take care of her daughter, Sento Isuzu inquires him whether he was talking about Latifa. Seeing that Moffle is Latifa's uncle from the mother side, and that her mother (and sister) asked him to take care of Latifa, the only conclusion is that the person he is referring to in his personal issue is his sister marrying the King, and asking him (now an uncle) to take care of Latifa, which effectively proves that he is indeed a siscon.


  • He clearly resembles Bonta-kun, the fictional mascot from Full Metal Panic.
  • Moffle is a Japanese sweet, it is mochi cake shaped into that of a waffle, this is fitting as he is the fairy of sweets.
  • He helps direct the fairies in their performances.
  • His human form looks just like Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings.[1]
  • Looks like Jim Tan.
  • Moffle seems to possess powerful magic abilities, but usually fails in a comical way.
  • In the manga, it is written that his weight is a 'top secret'.
  • He has a Tuxedo costume.
  • His favorite food is Donuts and everything sugary.
  • His maximum speed is 35km/h.
  • His special skills are to bake cakes and to play soccer.
  • In the manga, he adds Moffucker to the end of his sentences, instead of Fumo.
  • Despite being a military school graduate, he does not carry around weapons on a daily basis, and often prefers to use his hands.
  • He has a sister complex


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  1. Amagi Brilliant Park Light Novel Volume 3


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