Classification Fairy
Gender Female
Affiliation Amagi Brilliant Park
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 5: Awful Service by the Mascots ③
Anime Episode 1: "Not Enough Visitors!"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Yuka Aisaka
English Emily Neves

Muse (ミュース Myūsu?) is a fairy of water and the leader of the fairies of Elementario at Amagi Brilliant Park.


Muse has silver white hair and emerald green eyes. Muse wears a blue shirt containing inner white frills along with a short skirt. Packed with blue wristband and necklace. With her flat navy shoes completing her outfit.


Muse is very energetic, cheerful and optimistic as she is often seen with a smile on her face. Despite the lack of popularity of the Elementario , she still works hard and shows enthusiasm. She is shown to be sensible, as she tried her best to be responsible and mature when being called by Latifa to eat. She cares deeply for other's feelings and etiquette as she is quick to tell Salama off when she points out things can be seen as rude or mean.


She is the Elementario fairy of water. At the beginning of the Light Novel, she is apart of Amagi Brilliant Park's Aquario dance squad which later disbands and forms Elementario when the other fairies get introduced.


Episode 1



Fellow workmate of Elementario and friend. Muse usually helps out Sylphy whenever she needs to fix her appearance or etiquette.


Fellow workmate of Elementario and friend. Kobory is as polite as Muse and doesn't get told off by her.


Fellow workmate of Elementario and friend. At first, they seem to have a little complicated relationship, even if they're working in the same group. However, shown in episode 9, their bond grew stronger, as they helped each other with the trials.


  • Her name is another name used for Sirens of folklore. Sirens are believed to be water spirits often interchanged with mermaids, who sing and lure seamen into their territory using their voices and feminine wiles.
  • The word "Music" is derived from the ancient Greek word of "Muse" and is fitting as she is the most musically inclined out of the fairies.
  • She is the best singer out of the four fairies, but the least adept when it comes to technology.
  • In the light novel and the manga, she has pointy, elflike ears. In the anime, she has human shaped ears.
  • In the first novel, Muse was apart of Amagi's Aquario dance team and is a former worker from Highlander park where she acted as a spare dancer. Only until the fourth volume, did the 3 other fairies join to form Elementario.
  • In the novel, Muse is attracted to Seiya.


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