Mutsumi Terano
寺野 睦美
Terano Mutsumi
Classification Human
Age 16
Gender Female
Affiliation Student
Anime Episode 8: "Not Enough Love!"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Mikako Izawa
English Chelsea Ryan McCurdy

Mutsumi Terano (寺野 睦美 Terano Mutsumi) is one of Kanae Tsuchida's friends.

Appearance Edit

She has red-brownish hair, that is straight and quite short. She has big brown-golden eyes and as Kanae, she often wears her school uniform, that consists of a white shirt, with a red ribbon on it. She also have a skirt and brown shoes.

Personality Edit

It is not shown so much of her personality, but when she first was inroduced, she was angry at Seiya (actually Moffle) and was yelling at him. Altought when Moffle became angry at her, she became scared.

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Relationships Edit

Kanae Tsuchida: Close friends (presumed)

Trivia Edit

Gallery Edit

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