Rubrum the Red Dragon
Sekiryū Ruburumu
Classification Dragon
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Anime Episode 5: "Not Enough Money!"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Jouji Nakata
English Josh Morrison

Rubrum the Red Dragon (赤龍ルブルム Sekiryū Ruburumu) or 'Ruby', is a big and red dragon who lives at an abandoned attraction in the southernmost side of Amagi Brilliant Park, but later he was re-hired to work on another attraction.

Appearance Edit

Ruby is a large red dragon with horns protruding from every corner of his head, yellow eyes with slit-like puplis, clawed wings, and his belly and wings are much brighter color.

Personality Edit

At first, the dragon appears to be exuberant, proud, and strong when Seiya, Moffle, and Tiramy ran into him. His large stature and booming voice backed up his charade. However, once Moffle punched him, the Ruby broke down and asked for them to stop as he was only putting on an act for his attraction.

He is actually the complete opposite to the fierce demeanor he puts on while doing his act. He is timid and friendly as he acts cowardly when in serious situations, such as in episode 9, where he is anxious to participate in Moffle's plan to fly over the Castle's security systems. Ruby is also polite and knowledgeable with his peers as he talks with etiquette and in a gentle voice.

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Relationships Edit

He appears to not have made friends with anyone in the park [according to the anime], but he does work there.


  • Ruby may have been hired by Latifa years ago but due to the latter's curse, Latifa would have forgotten about hiring him.
  • Ruby has trouble flying out in the open, as stated by him as an indoor-type dragon.

Gallery Edit

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