Seiya Kanie
可江 西也
Kanie Seiya
Name Sake Kanye West
Classification Human
Age 16 (Debut)

18 (Currently)

Height 175cm
Birthdate August 10th
Gender Male
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1: Pronouncement of the Disappointing Date Spot 1
Anime Episode 1: "Not enough visitors!"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Kōki Uchiyama
English Adam Gibbs

Seiya Kanie (可児江 西也 Kanie Seiya?)is the main male protagonist of Amagi Brilliant Park series.

Seiya is a sharp-witted, intelligent, coordinated, and self righteous high school student. One day, a beautiful mysterious transfer student called Isuzu Sento, of the Royal Guard, threatens him with her Magic Gun "Steinberger" to accompany her to the amusement park. As the date comes to an end, Isuzu introduces Seiya to a girl called Latifa Fleuranza, who asks him to be the manager of the amusement park―Amagi Brilliant Park, with his job demanding the park's revival.


Seiya is a young man with a tall build, short dark brown hair, and golden eyes. According to Isuzu (and Seiya himself), Seiya Kanie is considered to be handsome. When Seiya became a manager he started to wear dark blue jacket with golden accents and gray pants. When he wears casual clothes, he is trendy, which could be because of his history in the entertainment industry. His armband reads: 支配人 (Shihainin), which means “manager".


Seiya is an honor student with a superiority complex. Due to his arrogant personality, many people have turned away from him. He does not have any friends in high school, however he is popular with girls. He dislikes flirting with any particular girl because it betrays his style. He is still single because of this and is embarrassed by this. Despite his large ego, he is actually a hardworking and dedicated character who is willing to do anything for Amagi Brilliant Park. This is further proved in episode 4 where he states that "Trivial setbacks are nothing but common occurrences in everyday life, therefore you should not get hung over on them."

In the manga Isuzu sees him as someone of nature, meaning he has the nature of a "rational commander, a cold-hearted tactician" but also "a passionate artist, an entertainer aware of what the masses want".


Five years ago, Seiya was involved in the entertainment industry during his childhood and his stage name was Seiya Kodama (児玉 誠也 Kodama Seiya?). According to Isuzu, he was a child who would have made every adult/parent proud. But Seiya had told her that he 'died a long time ago'. At the peak of his popularity as a child actor, he suddenly grew a fear of heights. He states that this can be due to him being afraid of letting his parents down or losing his popularity possibly because of the pressure, but he has yet to understand the reasons. However his choice of quitting showbiz was not directly caused by those fears. He changed his last name from Kyūbu (久武?) to Kanie after his parents divorced.

In the first episode it is seen that he has flashbacks of Latifa which implies he has a childhood connection/past with Latifa. He questioned Latifa about this but she could not remember.

He feels that he has been to Amagi Brilliant Park when he was a child, but now that he's a high schooler he cannot recall any of it.


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Isuzu SentoEdit

Because Isuzu is a recent transfer student, they have not known each other for a long time. It's said that they had never interacted before until Isuzu asked him on a "date". When they become acquainted with each other they form a rather volatile and uneasy bond, and they argue quite a lot. However this could also be interpreted as amusing banter. Seiya is clearly wary of Isuzu because she has a tendency to pull out a gun and point it at him. At one point, she fired the gun only centimetres away from his head which terrified him. Isuzu is shown to respect and like Seiya very much and approves of most of his opinions and decisions. Like Latifa, Seiya told her his fear of heights. As the story progresses, Sento begins to have feelings for Seiya.

Latifa FleuranzaEdit

Seiya met Latifa as a child when he ended up in the hanging garden where Latifa lives. He found her crying because of her curse and because she was lonely. Seiya tried to make her laugh by doing an impression of a prince. He was unsuccessful and got a pitiful smile from Latifa instead. He swore to her that he'll save her and make her smile one day. In the present day, Seiya has forgotten his promise but get recollections of the past after reuniting with Latifa again. When he becomes the manager of the park, he starts caring for Latifa and ends up sharing personal information about himself such as his fear of heights. After finding out about Latifa's curse and the possibility of her death if the park closes, he pushes the cast members even more than before, making him further disliked. He remembers their first meeting and tells Moffle his goal to make Latifa smile and that he won't fail twice. Both of them care for each other very much.

Aisu KyūbuEdit

Seiya's auntie and guardian. Aisu cares for Kanie a lot.


Seiya and Moffle's relationship is one of mutual animosity that first started when Seiya delivered his insulting speech in front of every member of the park. Moffle usually dislikes Seiya's way of changing the park particularly if it involves Latifa. A running gag in the series involves Seiya and Moffle engaging in intense fistfights which only end after Isuzu shoots both of them. Despite their dislike for one another, both begin to develop some begrudging respect towards one another after both show their dedication to Amagi Brilliant Park to one another, Moffle even called Seiya by his first name one time.

Saki KyūbuEdit

Seiya's half-sister. (Post any pictures or reference chapter).

Abilities Edit


Seiya using his powers

Seiya has the magical power of being able to listen to a person's mind. He was granted this power by Latifa when she kissed him. When he activates this power and reads someone's mind, his eyes glow yellow. The weakness of his ability is that the power only works once with each person which was revealed when Seiya used his power on Isuzu. He has already used this ability on his guardian Aisu, Isuzu, and Rubrum.

Takaya Kurisu seems immune from Seiya's mind-reading powers.

Trivia Edit

  • His name Kanie means yes children in kanji. Seiya, his surname, means star arrow, when written in Kanji. This probably is in reference to how he handles his job as the manager. His given name also has a meaning, which is basically his personality. [<- in fact, Kanie is made up from three characters "capable", "chid" and "bay, inlet", while the name's two characters mean "west" and "to be"; the first two may allude to how capable he is, while the following two "last of the surname and first of the given name) may have something to do with Maple Land, as it exists "between land and water", with the very last one perhaps turning it into a sentence?]
  • His name is a reference to the rapper Kanye West. Kanie -> Kanye, the kanji for Seiya pretty much means West.
  • He has a fear of heights, shown in episode 4.



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