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Classification Mascot
Gender Male
Affiliation Amagi Brilliant Park
Anime Episode 1: "Not Enough Visitors!"
Voice Actor/Actress
Japanese Ai Nonaka
English Jessica Calvello

Tiramy (ティラミー Tiramī?) is the fairy of flowers with the form of a pink Pomeranian, and one of the Amagi Brilliant Park's mascots.


Tiramy has light pink fur and long white fur around his neck. He has oval blue eyes and pointed, small ears. He wears a red flower shaped hair clip on his right ear and a circular yellow satchel bag that is worn over his body. When performing for children, he may wear a black magician's hat with a matching cane in order to make flowers appear magically.


While working, Tiramy will usually be professional and appropriate in front of children. However, he has an extremely perverted personality. He likes peeping on women and will find any opportunity to fufilll his perverted intentions. In fact, his lust is so strong that he was willing to betray the park's cast members and joined Tetsuhige's crew after he said that "He could do anything he liked to the captured women". Similar to Moffle and Macaron, Tiramy has his own sentence suffix. He often adds mii to the end of his sentences.


The fairy of flowers that lives in “Tiramy's Flower Adventure”. Despite the cute looks, he always has a keen eye for young ladies and bewitching older women.





  • Tiramy and Macaron get along well with each other. They are both usually seen with one another and both share the job of being one of Amagi Brilliant Park's mascots. Tiramy, Macaron, Moffle, and sometimes Isuzu are often seen drinking together in a pub.


Moffle punches Tiramy and Macaron

Never say Moffle has a Sister-Complex!

  • Moffle and Tiramy are coworkers that generally get along with each other. However, they do occasionally have fights. Examples include when Moffle warned him not to flirt with the pub worker, as it would be bad for the park's already poor reputation. Another time they fought was when both Tiramy and Macaron claimed that the reason Moffle cared about Latifa so much was because Moffle had a sister complex. In both these fights, they were able to get over it quickly, (though they needed a mediator in both fights).

Isuzu Sento Edit

  • Tirami and Sento are coworkers at the park. Tirami has clearly stated he finds her her attractive, and has stated he wants to see her undressed. However, Isuzu has little to no respect for him due to his perverted behaviors and view of women. Also, out of the three main mascots, Isuzu is the most physically violent toward Tirami because she just despises his behavior and mannerisms.


  • According to Muse, his human form is similar to Zac Efron.[1]
  • In the anime fansub, he was mistaken for a female as he was refered as 'she', but later corrected.
  • Tiramy tends to end his sentences with "Mī", because his name ends with that sound.
  • Tiramy is a pomeranian dog, not a cat.
  • Tiramy's name comes from the sweet desert Tiramisu, just like Macaron (the almond cookie) and Moffuru (a Japanese sweet).



  1. Amagi Brilliant Park Light Novel Volume 3


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