• Glasslipersupport

    hi ewveyryone

    November 1, 2014 by Glasslipersupport

    i miade a typing mistake because im a human bean after all 

    how r u folks doing?

    my ankles are aching :./

    i feel like a prego lady

    like my maths teacher

    hope her tiny son is doing well

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  • Glasslipersupport

    no offensive but just my onion how are you all doing today?

    it feels great that i have no school this week

    shoutout to wikia user weebfighter she fancies old granddaddies

    that is all

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  • Glasslipersupport

    a day anniversity

    October 14, 2014 by Glasslipersupport

    it hasbeen a day since 

    great day

    i hope they r enjoying the other wikis ......... :^)c

    atm im quite busy with work so i cant do much atm! but when i have time i will sort out with the character galleries. ithinkits too much to have it all in one page?? 

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  • Glasslipersupport

    im free and I can chill a bit more im so happy today is a great day for a great editor thank you friends and my family and of course my tiny son and his tiny onion

    thank you everyone I hope you enjoy my onions and edits !!━━━゚+。:.゚ヾ(☆>∀

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  • Glasslipersupport

    im back

    October 11, 2014 by Glasslipersupport

    im back with my tiny son and his tiny onion. things are resolved kinda ... 

    dont you find it funny when someone starts some stir and the whole points thing is threatened and then that very person goes o lets edit peacefully !! .... my tiny son screams out fake

    but ok .. hello im back

    im here to update you guys with my daily life situations

    at the moment i need to write up my psychology notes on attachment: later relationships - the development of friendship in childhood and adolescene

    if any of you guys do psychology i would love to talk about skinner and freud with you(:

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