a particle which is moving in a straight line with constant acceleration 1.6 m/s^2 is initially at a point O on a straight line and moving with velocity 4 m/s find

the displacement of the particle during the furth second of the motion

This question doesnt make sense to me. What does the second sentence have to do with the first???  Do not be offended, I am not trying to start a fight but u should throw ur teacher out of a window. I think the answer lies somehwere in the velocity bc they talk about speed twice. As an english critic and sociologist, I can infer that the writer is trying to guide you to understand that the particle is going very fast. This may be linked to the writers fascination with the mainstream media figure, sonic. Sonic's popularityis directly linked to globalisation, and an interpretivist sociologist would class sonic as a religion because it performs many of the functions that Parsons claimed that religion does. For example, sonic creates a value consensus by socialising it's fans into valueing speed, which links back to the initial question and how "the particle is moving in a straight line with a constant accelaration of 1.6m/s^2. This is fast, like sonic.  I would advice you to draw sonic underneath your answer to show that you acknowlage and appreciate your teachers love of sonic. 

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